Health Benefits

Home Ventilation System

Condensation, dampness, musty smells, black mould can all be cured by fitting your home with a Nuaire PIV Ventilation system.

Many people associate the symptoms of mould, dampness, musty smells and streaming windows with the dreaded ‘rising damp’. However, very often they are caused by the more common problem of Condensation Dampness. When it comes to dealing with condensation, no one knows more than us. These days there is no stigma attached to having condensation dampness in our homes. It is a common consequence of modern living and more energy efficient homes.

The limitations of extractor fans

  • Usually activated at time of moisture production which is often too late.
  • Rely on additional background ventilation such as trickle ventilators, throughout the home.
  • Can be noisy.
  • Need considerable maintenance/cleaning for efficient operation.
  • Can use significant electrical power.
  • Draw in unheated, unfiltered air into the home.
  • Can compete for air with opened flued combustion appliances which can result in poisonous carbon monoxide gases entering the home.

The limitations of dehumidifiers

  • Do not ventilate a home.
  • Can consume large amounts of electrical power.
  • Can be noisy.
  • Require regular emptying of condensate.

How condensation can affect the fabric of our homes and our health

Most homes will experience condensation on their windows and in many cases windows will stream with water. But condensation can also lead to mould growing on our walls and in some cases on our clothes when stored in wardrobes. This is not only unpleasant, it is damaging and costly causing premature redecoration or replacement. This dampness can also be evident through musty smells in our homes. Condensed water on the surfaces of our homes provides ideal conditions for mould spores already in the air to germinate and grow. Many people associate this mould growth with health problems.

Just where does condensation come from? From us! Through bathing and showering, cooking, washing and drying our clothes and by us just being there, because every human emanates moisture. It is estimated that all this amounts to 4 pints per day per person! You can’t see this moisture once it is absorbed into the indoor air, until such time as it comes into contact with a cold surface for it to condense on. This is why significant condensation will occur overnight as the fabric of the building cools. We have all seen this effect on bedroom windows first thing in the morning. This is the result of moisture laden air condensing on the cool surface of the bedroom window.

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