Mould produces spores to reproduce, you bring these spores
into your home every day, it’s unavoidable.
These spores however need moist areas in order to grow and
only in these conditions will they develop into mould.
The best defence is to create a hostile environment, if there is
no damp or moisture in a property then mould cannot grow.
It is a far healthier option to prevent mould rather than to treat it. There are many different types, some of them are toxic but all of them have an adverse effect on your health.  When you see damp or condensation if you act fast enough you can prevent it.
Mould cannot be painted over, it will show through the paint very quickly even if the paint is mould resistant.  The only solution is to clean the mould from the walls and to install measures to prevent the damp moist environment that enables the mould to grow. The Nuaire Drimaster and Flatmaster PIV units have a 100% success rate for curing mould & condensation problems.

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